Tuesday, August 03, 2010

8/2010 Special Curbside Electronics Recycling Collections

Aug 21 - 43rd Ward
Aug 28 - 8th Ward

The City of Chicago has partnered with PC Rebuilders and Recyclers (PCRR) to collect old computer and electronic equipment for recycling in various wards this summer for no charge.

To participate, residents should leave their unwanted items near the curb in front of their residence before 8:00a.m. Trucks will be sweeping the neighborhood picking up equipment between 8:00 a.m. and approximately noon.

Electronics that will be accepted include:
Computer equipment (includes anything that plugs into a computer)
DVD players
MP3 players
Video equipment
Mobile phones
As much of the equipment collected as possible will be reused. If an individual piece of equipment in not suitable for reuse, PCRR attempts to harvest parts for reuse or finally sends the equipment off for material recovery.

Residents who don't want to leave their equipment near the curb can drop it off at their local ward yard. Click on the links above for yard ward addresses and maps.


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