Friday, July 30, 2010

Deadline Extended for Commercial Facade Rebate Program

New Deadline: Friday, August 6, 2010

The City of Chicago has extended the deadline because they want to provide applicants sufficient time to complete the new Fraud Debarment Affidavit that passed City Council after we had launched the Facade Rebate program.

Completed applications are now due no later than 4pm CST Friday, August 6th. This is a one-week extension from the original deadline. Applications should be submitted to the attention of:
Susana Mendoza, DCD
121 N. LaSalle, Room 1006
Chicago, IL 60602.
Applicants are encouraged to work with DCD prior to the deadline to ensure they have a complete application packet on file by this date.

Program highlights

· The maximum rebate is 50% up to $20,000 per project and a maximum $40,000 total project cost.
· Applicants must comply with federal requirements for CDBG-funded projects, including prevailing wages. Commercial projects must be in a low- or moderate-income community. Industrial projects must be in areas that have been determined to qualify as slum/blight under the HUD definitions. Applicants can confirm their status by contacting Ms. Mendoza.
· In anticipation of receipt of more applications then available funds, DCD will use a lottery method to select applicants.
· Applicants in a TIF district with a SBIF (Small Business Improvement Fund) are not eligible for the Facade Rebate Program so that funds can be conserved for businesses that do not have access to SBIF.
· Buildings where a prior or existing tenant or property owner has participated in the Facade Rebate Program within the last 3 years for commercial projects or industrial projects are not eligible for the program.
· Funds for projects that are receiving or have received other types of City financial assistance are netted out from the potential Facade Rebate amount.

Application documents are available here. Search for "Facade Rebate Program" to find the web page. Questions should be directed to Susana Mendoza at (312) 744-8564 or at


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