Friday, May 22, 2009

5/28 Cap and Trade Summit

Will Business, Science, and Policy Collide or Converge?

Attorneys, Traders, and Others:
Assess your foothold in the $100 billion carbon market
Understand how proactive market compliance will position your business best to comply with evolving regulatory standards
Shape the first generation of cap and trade practice - be first to understand its limitations and how to capitalize on them.
Apply your vision and expertise directly to how public policy is shaped, and how CO2 market opportunities are created
Ensure that other market players cultivate the long view of reducing emissions, and a keen sense of the business opportunities in applied geosciences
Help position the U.S. to move from laggard to leader in the global dialogue on greenhouse emissions.
Shape the near- and long-term framework of policy toward greenhouse gas emissions
Hear first-hand the commercial challenges of, and scientific vision for, lowering greenhouse gas emissions
Maximize the effectiveness of legislation taking form at the state and federal levels, and internationally.

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