Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/28-4/30 International Conference on Deconstruction, Building Materials Reuse, and Construction and Demolition Materials Recycling

Decon '09: It's Time- The BMRA Annual Conference
The Conference will include:

* Integrating building materials salvage, reuse, & recycling within the broader Sustainability & Green Building fields
* Engaging design, construction, & demolition professionals in deconstruction, reuse & recycling activities
* Marketing, practice, supply, & demand in urban environments
* Urban policies; obstacles & opportunities for material reuse & recycling
* Life Cycle analyses, embodied energy, and impacts on decision making
* Design opportunities; use of salvaged & recycled materials
* Design-for-Deconstruction & the Life Cycle Building Challenge
* Salvage, reuse, & recycling in urban redevelopment
* Job creation and training opportunities
* Deconstruction, salvage, & recycling technologies
* Chicago's successful green programs

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